About Chrysanthemum

As a child, director & principal designer Khai Saharom spent his weekends at the family’s furniture workshop. There he learnt carpentry and furniture preservation. It taught him to see value in old furniture, to appreciate details and craftsmanship.

After establishing Kite Studio Architecture in 2011, Khai felt the need to bring together all the customised furniture designs that have been completed through the years, develop these and form a collection. This collection strives to celebrate Asian craftsmanship and astute detailing, inspired by our culture, way of living, our stories. This Collection is Chrysanthemum.

Chrysanthemum by Kite Studio Architecture is set up to provide a palette of furniture that is infused with subtleties; such as a loving voice, a familiar sound or, a haunting song that brings back the fondest memories. Chrysanthemum is Asian craftsmanship rejuvenated and personified.